Changhong: CHiQ TV Glitters at IFA 2014

IFA is one of the largest and most influential international audio-video and consumer electronics exhibitions in the world. It took place from September 05 to 10, 2014 in Berlin. IFA2014
Changhong’s exhibition theme is “Make Your Imagination Fly”, that shows Changhong’s imagination, creativity and the aim to change the world. Changhong as a domestic smart appliance manufacturer displayed CHiQ series products, including a variety of home appliances. Especially CHiQ TV is the most eye-catching product.IFA 2014
At IFA 2014, Changhong displayed multiple categories products including 4K TV, OLED TV, Curved TV and Laser TV. Changhhong also showed the Giant 105″ 5K TV. Changhong current product lines and products displayed at IFA showed that Changhong has well prepared for the upcoming tide of Curved TV and OLED TV.
IFA 2014 CHIQ 4K
Changhong as a leading home appliance manufacturer will continue making breakthroughs in home appliance field. Changhong not only provide personalized content and attentive service for consumers, but also enhance brand trust sense of users.


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