Changhong has released a 5K TV – 105Q1C

Changhong has released a 5K TV – 105Q1C recently. As the world’s largest 105-inch curved TV, 105Q1C has a unique 21:9 widescreen, 5K * 2K Ultra HD display, 240Hz…

As everyone knows, major manufacturers have started on 4K TVs and launched a series of new products. 4K TV has four times the picture resolution of 1080p Full HD. But the resolution of 105Q1C is 5K (5120 * 2160). It made a big step on display and brought the TV into 5K era.

Compared to other products, 105-inch curved TV has the higher resolution and it is more suitable for watching movies. It improves the ornamental and realism and will give you clearer experience and more shocking display.

105Q1C can “throw away” the traditional remote control and use mobile phone as the control center to control the TV. You can transfer television programs easily to the smartphone and you can watch the programs you missed. Through the classification function of the smartphone, you can watch any program directly.

It is reported that you can buy the 105Q1C only at the official website ( And the price is RMB 999,999 (about USD 163,499).

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