Changhong Released The Second Generation Of CHiQ TV in China

On March 26, 2015, Changhong officially released the second generation of CHiQ TV product – Curved TV Q2C series. As a representative of young, fashion brand, CHiQ is to take the initiative to close to the young people, understand young people and speak for them, cheer for them. A continuation of last year CHiQ TV conference style, Changhong Group Chairman Zhao Yong first appeared and shared CHiQ TV market performance of last year. According to the report, CHiQ TV has accounted for 30% of all Changhong smart TVs. And the average daily live time is up to 416 minutes, that is twice the time of ordinary smart TV. As a result, the “CHiQ phenomenon” is getting more and more attention. Why CHiQ TV II can make the imagination fly? Because CHiQ TV II has complete independent intellectual property rights of the DCC protocol, which is initiated by Changhong. With the help of the DCC protocol, Changhong realized “M+ dual core” technology and constructed a set of software framework from the drive to application layer. That can achieve seamless connection between mobile terminals and TVs. Through the automatic networking and device integration, users can surf on the internet. CHiQ TV II also has powerful processing and automatic upgrade ability. CHiQ TV II shows the great fusion and collaboration between multimedia industry and digital marketing industry of Changhong Group. The CHiQ TV ecosystem is emerging and CHiQ air conditioner, CHiQ refrigerator and smart home appliance will come into the market soon. At the launch event, Changhong Group Chairman Zhao Yong announced, “CHiQ” is the sub-brand of Changhong. “CHiQ” stands for fashion, beauty and elegance. “CH” is for China and Changhong and “iQ” is for Intelligence Quotient. So CHiQ means China Intelligence, Changhong Intelligence. And the famous movie star Deng Chao is invited as the first image speaker of CHiQ.