Changhong Upgraded CHiQ TV and Unveiled 100-Inch Laser TV

On June 20th, Changhong once again upgraded CHiQ TV to achieve the function – “full network classification”. That is the quickest and easiest way to watch live programs, leading the industry trend of smart TVs, and allow consumers to enjoy the World Cup.

At the same time, 100-inch laser TV Q1M also unveiled. Now, CHiQ TV has been completed the full series product layout from 40-inch to 105-inch.

Q1M is recognized as the IMAX theater of a home, which uses 100-inch large screen, supports 5.1 sound Channel and at the same time it uses Changhong U-MAX film technology. The price is RMB 60,000 (about USD 9,606). Q1M is the most cost-effective smart TV under the same size.

Q1M uses monochrome laser source. And the monochrome turned tricolor through the phosphor. Again the tricolor is reflected to the private non-luminescent screen through the prism. In addition, Q1M color gamut coverage can reach more than 90% of the human eye. And the color reproduction is high.

Moreover, compared with the same size of the projection, Q1M laser TV has the higher brightness and the picture is very clear even in daylight. Meanwhile, Q1M has more than 50,000 hours of service life because of laser diodes. It is very durable.

The interface of Q1M is similar with CHiQ TV — USB port, HDMI interface, etc. And its expansibility is as rich as the television.

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