FreeView TV welcomes Changhong Australia

FreeView, which presents and promotes Australia’s free-to-air channels, has announced that Changhong Australia has been certified with a range of FreeviewPlus-ready televisions, which are now available in stores.

FreeviewPlus delivers the Freeview networks’ Catch Up services in one place — on the TV – using hybrid TV technology, which seamlessly combines broadband and broadcast TV. The technology also enables the free-to-air networks to introduce a range of new broadband services.

Changhong Australia general manager of sales and marketing David Esler said, “We’re pleased to release a range of FreeviewPlus-ready televisions. FreeviewPlus is an easy-to-use platform for consumers to increase their entertainment options and a great accompaniment to our high-quality but affordable products. The new range is available in three sizes, with high and full high-definition capabilities, and enables users to seamlessly display multimedia between devices and the TV without cables or a network connection. The range also enables users to control the TV and share video, music and photos to the TV by using their mobile device.”

FreeviewPlus now offers an array of new features including:

•    A 7-day, easy-to-use EPG
•    Access to available free-to-air Catch Up services in one place on the TV
•    Recommendations of the best programs on today, on Catch Up and in the future
•    The ability to browse and search programs across the next 7 days
•    A favourites function that keeps track of programs on live and Catch Up TV

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